Welcome to the Cloud Hype

It has been a while since IT was considered just a boring subject restricted to water cooler conversations. As the 21st century welcomed a new generation unaware of a world without the Internet or mobile phones, IT naturally became an integral part of the strategy of business corporations and public sector companies. And with almost the totality of their transactions based on electronic data and applications, these organizations realized that the content of the data center has become much more valuable than all of their combined material assets.

At the time of this writing, IT bears a striking resemblance to the fashion industry, where innovative concepts and paradigm shifts are introduced to huge acclaim and are strongly promoted as the latest trend (even if they may appear unsuitable for present needs). Some of these campaigns are so overwhelming that they end up fomenting a period of hype in which many organizations include the technology du jour into their short-term IT plan (sometimes without having enough time to understand its true value to the company objectives).

Although the precise origins of the term cloud computing are fittingly nebulous, its hype certainly peaked around 2011, as Figure 1-1 demonstrates.


Figure 1-1 Peak of the Cloud Hype

Figure 1-1 depicts results from Google Trends, a tool that expresses the interest in particular keywords over time based on the history of searches conducted



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