The (*, entry is for Auto-RP Discovery listening group, which we’re now worried about right now.

PIM2 will forward all traffic for group to the outgoing interface Gi2/0, but since there is no incoming traffic for this group the incoming interface is NULL.

The flags SJC:

S = Sparse
C = Connected (meaning there is a receiver connected to one of the local interfaces)
J = Join

The J flag says that, as soon as this router see’s traffic come in from a source for this particular group, it will immediately switch to a SPT (Shortest Path Tree) by sending a join message up the PIM domain to that particular source.

Configure a Rendezvous Point (RP) in order to forward traffic in the PIM domain. First remove the igmp join, and clear the mroute table on PIM2.



Source2Receiver1(config)#int gi1/0
Source2Receiver1(config-if)#no ip igmp join-group

PIM2#clear ip mroute *